Wholesale Japan - How and why this store started
This is Daisuke, in charge of product lineup..

Today I would like to introduce what "Wholesale Japan" is.

Before the COVID crisis, I have been going abroad to do my job.
Nowadays, I can not go overseas easily. But I can always get in touch with my friends using message apps like LINE and etc.

My friends out of Japan have been asking "I want Japanese XX. Could you send it to me?"

These voices were actually a big hint for our service.

Frequently asked items differ depending on the country or region.
For example toothpaste, eye drops, cosmetics, supplements, and etc.
For some reason, someone requested a condom! Made in Japan condom!

We want to help them out with their needs.
However, there are many things that cannot be sent out from Japan.

While researching various products, we realized the power of Japan brand products and started "Wholesale Japan".

Everyone wants to buy good things in the best deal, right?
Of course I want to get the best too.

Wholesale Japan was created by our representative.

Our representative has a long background living in English native area.
In terms of culture and way of thinking, he is a hybrid of overseas and Japanese.

He loves both rice and bread.
He loves both steak and sushi.
He loves to drink sake and wine.
He is wearing UNIQLO and GAP at the same time.
He speaks great Japanese and English.

(I'm Japanese only guy, so it's actually our president who translates my words into English.)

There are many requests from customers about products.

One customer told us that they wanted a “smart toilet”.
To respond to this request, I went to talk to the construction company in Japan to ask about toilets.

“...Will toilets sell good overseas?”

This was my first thought, but we received a large number of orders from one man.

We are still working with him.
The reason is how-to-install the smart toilet, the customer is worried about this point.

This really makes sense, I think he is worried.

Smart toilets are so major in Japan, it’s now difficult to find toilets that aren’t smart toilets.
Foreigners who come to Japan and experience these toilets always say that, "I want a toilet that can wash my buttocks!"

But at the same time I'm worried if they can be installed in the customer's bathroom.
So I wrote an article about "How to install a Japanese smart toilet".

Major online malls such as Amazon and ebay are also wonderful, I love them.

So Wholesale Japan, we would like to deliver more value. Not just the products but at the same time provide the points about the products and cultures. This is the spirit of Japanese.

We call this "Omomo-te-na-shi".

We will be introducing many new items, so keep checking on Wholesale Japan!
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