Why Japanese products now?

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Why Japanese products now?



In the 1980s, the Japanese domestic market was led by a baby boomer generation who had a strong consumer motivation.

With this background story, Japanese domestic market companies have expanded their sales into the world.

"First test the products in the highly motivated domestic market and make them strong, and then export them overseas."

With this strategy, Japan-made products were very strong in the world.

However, even for Japanese companies that had smooth sails it seems like that they have lost their former brilliance. Reasons for this is the burst of the bubble economy, new era darlings such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook swept the world. And Chinese and Korean IT manufacturers emerged.
But is this true? Looking at recent demand from overseas, I’m sure that Japanese companies are still very strong.

Tourists from China are buying large quantities of Japanese-made disposable diapers, smart toilets, household medicines, cosmetics, and so on.

In addition, chefs from all over the world who come to Japan to buy Japanese kitchen knives and Japanese whetstones. I feel that I can understand the secret of Japan's power.

Japan has a manufacturing culture and tradition that has been passed down continuously even before capitalism was established in the Meiji era. It means that the products that are supported by the technology and the products that have a background in Japan's unique market are strong.

Isn't this the exact case with kitchen knives? It's sharpness, traditional technology, attracts chefs from all over the world. Furthermore, it seems that not only the sharpness but also the variety of kitchen knives are attracting more attention.

There are kitchen knives all over the world, but it is said that there are none other than Japan ones that are subdivided according to purpose. And the additional service of carving owner’s names on the knife seems to be attractive.

Also, products like the smart toilet seat were originally born and evolved in Japan. Nowhere else in the world. Japan-product’s unique and evolving market attracts so many consumers overseas.


Japanese products guarantees the contents and appearance

Japanese products guarantee the contents and appearance. This is because Japan has high level strict testing standards. And products then will be endorsed by Japanese consumers. These all in one makes the Japanese products valuable.

People from China come to Japan to buy disposable diapers, powdered milk, and Japanese household medicine. Even if they can buy those at their domestic market, why does this happen? This is because they have psychological backgrounds like "Japanese products are safe because they are used by Japanese people" and "Japanese products are safe because they are distributed in the Japanese market".

For example about the disposable diapers of the same manufacturer, Chinese people come to Japan for the Japan-factory made version.

I think this Japanese branding will be a strong weapon for Japanese companies. And sure are the good points!

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