Yes, you can install Japanese smart toilet in your country and this is how

As you know, Japanese smart toilets are incredible. They have so many brilliant functions and also are very high-quality made.

But can you install these in your country...?

The answer is YES

Let’s see which points you need to know before installing.

*Please understand that this is a general theory

Dimensions of Toilet Bowl

Smart toilet is actually a toilet seat, this means that it needs to be attached to the toilet bowl. Do you think that it will be difficult if the dimensions do not match? Don’t worry! Since the toilet bowls in Japan are made with standard dimensions, the toilet seat can be fixed with almost no problem! (besides in special cases)


The point is these hole’s dimension

[ Check Point ]

The dimensions of the fixing holes to attach the seat 

*In case that it’s different, just adjust and make holes in the right position.

Connecting the Water Plumbings

This is the most difficult. The standards and types of water pipe materials vary depending on the country and the housing where the smart toilet will be installed. You will need to figure out a way to match the toilet and the pipes. However, even in Japan, when installing a smart toilet seat, the required parts differ depending on the house, so this point is the same for all.

How to attach the branch fitting

It is necessary to branch the water pipe of the toilet to supply water to the smart toilet. The smart toilet comes with a water supply hose and a hose branch fitting as accessories. Since the products are made in Japan, the branch fittings conform to the standards of Japanese water pipes, so the sizes will differ from overseas standards.


 Japanese water stopcock screw standard : G1/2(PJ1/2)


【 Check Point 】

  • Use the branch fittings and hoses that are included in the smart toilet package

  • Adjust the size and figure out a way  to connect water pipes to the branch

  • Screw standards differ between Japan and overseas

Power-supply Voltage

This is important, so be sure to check!


AC 100V is Japan’s standard. Smart toilets made in Japan are also made to 100V specification.

In most countries, the voltage is higher than in Japan. (from 110V to 240V) In other words, it is necessary to reduce the voltage to AC100V (step down) for the smart toilet when using it.


“Ah, got it. Why not use a travel along transformer! If so, is it safe and ok to use the transformer (travel converter) which we take along when we go abroad?”

The answer is NO

Electric products all have power consumption. It is called power consumption watt. There is a wattage notation for each transformer. When you choose a transformer, you need to pick one that has the capacity to cover the wattage of the smart toilet. (Select a capacity with a buffer. In the case of electric heating products, it may be necessary to have a twice capacity of the equipment’s wattage.)

Let’s check the power consumption of the smart toilet seat. Depending on the product, there is a range from 300W to 1300W. The wattage will vary depending on the product. Be sure to choose the transformer which matches it.


【 Check Point 】

  • Transformer to step down voltage to AC100V

  • Choose a transformer with capacity that is about twice the required wattage


So, these are the points to note when installing a Japanese-made smart toilet. But don't forget,  you are at your own risk!

Have a comfortable and wonderful smart toilet life!

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