Now is the time for taking hydrogen everyday. Urgent proposal made from a leading hydrogen medical expert.

Now is the time for taking hydrogen everyday. Urgent proposal made from a leading hydrogen medical expert.

Hydrogen water is being used in many fitness clubs for health and beauty nowadays.

Now that we want to tell you about the specific effects of hydrogen water, I would like to introduce the contribution of Mr. Motoaki Sano, Associate Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, Director of Hydrogen Gas Treatment Development Center, who has been researching hydrogen treatment for many years.

Motoaki Sano
Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Associate Professor, Hydrogen Gas Treatment Development Center Director

Many people are taking hydrogen at fitness clubs and at home. It has been observed with a capillary blood flow scope that hydrogen has the effect of smoothing the flow of red blood cells in the capillaries and the effect of restoring "ghost blood vessels" where blood does not flow. Red blood cells carry oxygen taken up by the lungs to the periphery and exchange it for carbon dioxide through the red blood cell membrane. In other words, if red blood cells flow smoothly through the capillaries, oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release in the lungs, and oxygen supply and carbon dioxide recovery in peripheral tissues become active. Hydrogen improves cardiopulmonary endurance, that is, oxygen uptake by the lungs and oxygen supply capacity by the heart. Ingesting hydrogen while exercising reduces the accumulation of lactic acid and reduces the performance degradation caused by fatigue. Ingesting hydrogen after exercise also helps to relieve muscle fatigue.


Hydration and hydrogen

The effect of hydrogen on improving capillary blood flow is expected to be seen in the intestinal tract. Improving capillary blood flow in the intestinal tract enhances absorption. It is thought that the reason why "drinking hydrogen water makes you want to go to the bathroom often" is that water is absorbed efficiently and the salt concentration of the body fluid decreases, causing diuresis to return it. A moderate amount of sodium and sugar in a beverage not only prevents spontaneous dehydration, but also increases the rate of water absorption. It is thought that adding more hydrogen will be more effective in preventing dehydration.


Prevention of aggravation of pneumonia and hydrogen

The effect of hydrogen on improving capillary blood flow may also help prevent the aggravation of pneumonia caused by the covid-19. On the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, all passengers underwent PCR testing, but it was reported that one in two people had no symptoms when infected with the covid-19. On the other hand, some infected individuals have severe pneumonia and are admitted to the intensive care unit, requiring ventilator management under intubation. As the number of critically ill patients who need a ventilator increases, there will be a shortage of ventilators. Therefore, what is currently required in the medical field is prevention of aggravation of pneumonia. When the lungs are injured, they become fibrotic (shrink) or emphysema (swell) and their respiratory function declines. The results show that hydrogen is effective for both of these symptoms. In addition, a mesh of capillaries surrounds the alveoli (small bags at the ends of the bronchi), exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. When the covid-19 infects the cells of the alveoli, it becomes inflamed and fluid accumulates in the alveoli, making it difficult for oxygen to be taken into the body. By increasing the capillary blood flow in the lungs with hydrogen, it is possible to save lives until oxygenation is improved and immunity to the covid-19 is achieved.


Cytokine storm and hydrogen

When pneumonia worsens, immune cells become abnormally activated and inflammatory cytokines are produced. Excessive production of inflammatory cytokines and abnormal activation of immune cells can lead to rapid alveolar destruction. "Cytokine storm" is a shock / disseminated intravascular coagulation through neutrophil activation, blood coagulation mechanism activation, vasodilation, etc. as a result of an abnormal increase in blood cytokines that affects the whole body. It is a condition that progresses to coagulation syndrome (DIC) and multiple organ failure. In animal experiments, hydrogen has the effect of suppressing cytokine storms.


Hydrogen, a unique culture of Japan. Now is the time to start hydrogen life.

When the covid-19 pneumonia becomes severe, high-concentration oxygen inhalation is required, but long-term inhalation of high-concentration oxygen oxidizes and injures the alveoli. Oxygen, which is essential for life, acts as a poison at high concentrations. But animal studies have shown that hydrogen neutralizes the toxicity of oxygen. In China, a hydrogen inhaler was quickly approved for the treatment of covid-19 pneumonia.

Let’s smartly use hydrogen and survive this covid-19 pandemic together.

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