Is hydrogen water good for your health? Effects of hydrogen water and how to make it.

Is hydrogen water good for your health? Effects of hydrogen water and how to make it.

Here we will explain the effects of hydrogen water and how to make it. There are a great deal of pros and cons among doctors that hydrogen water is "effective or not," and we would like to consider why. If you are interested in hydrogen water for beauty and health purposes, this article will help you.


What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is a general term for water that contains a high concentration of hydrogen. Actually, there isn’t any official definition of hydrogen water or a clear standard for hydrogen content. Therefore, general hydrogen water sold at drug stores, etc. each has different content of compounding ingredients and manufacturing method, and is the secret for each manufacturer. Therefore, for example, clinics that offer various therapies using hydrogen, sell hydrogen water of about 7.0 ppm, which is around the highest concentration in the market. The hydrogen content in this “hydrogen water” is very high compared to hydrogen infusion (about 1.0ppm concentration) and hydrogen inhalation (about 4% concentration). In addition to commercial products that can be purchased at hospitals and pharmacies, hydrogen water can also be made at home.


General effects on hydrogen water [Is it good for beauty and health by acting on active oxygen? ]

Among doctors who recommend hydrogen water, the action of hydrogen water on active oxygen and the beauty and health effects of it are drawing their attention.

◇ What is active oxygen in the first place?

Active oxygen is a highly reactive oxygen molecule that is created by various human activities. They are generated just by breathing and originally have the function of protecting the body from viruses and bacteria that have invaded the body. However, if oxidative stress such as mental stress, disordered eating habits, and smoking continues for a long time, active oxygen will be excessively produced in the body. Then this active oxygen, which should protect humans, is said to cause allergies, lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and aging.

◇ Relationship between active oxygen and hydrogen water

Therefore, some doctors are paying attention to the relationship between active oxygen and hydrogen water, which was found in experiments using mice.

In fact, it has been shown that hydrogen water given to mice reduced the amount of active oxygen in the brain. It has also been observed that hydrogen water reduced the hippocampal degenerated cells in the brains of mice under intense stress.

Much of this research data is based on the theory that hydrogen and active oxygen can be combined by taking hydrogen water into the body, thereby detoxifying it. The idea is that if drinking hydrogen water alleviates the significant oxidation caused by active oxygen, it will be easier to prevent related cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and cancer.

In addition, hydrogen water is also attracting attention in the beauty field because active oxygen is closely related to aging.


Characteristics of available hydrogen water in the market and method of production

Here, we will explain the characteristics of commercially available hydrogen water that can be purchased easily.

First of all, commercially available hydrogen water that can be purchased at drug stores is a product in which water is filled with hydrogen. Since hydrogen, which has a very small molecule, can pass through plastics, etc., most of the commercially available hydrogen water is generally contained in an aluminum pouch or aluminum bottle, which makes it difficult for hydrogen to escape. Some products have no drinking hole on the aluminum pouch to seal completely. Prices vary, and the average price of the 10 brands surveyed by the Consumer Affairs Center in Japan was about 300 yen, and some of them cost more than 500 yen.

◇ Production method of hydrogen water available in market

Hydrogen water available in the market can be produced in a variety of ways. The most common survey result from the Consumer Affairs Center in Japan says to fill the water with hydrogen gas under pressure. In addition, there was a product that says that "hydrogen bound to minerals does not escape even in PET bottles" using patented technology. Even some companies responded that their water products are not filled with hydrogen gas in the first place!


Hydrogen water with little evidence of effect

We have introduced the effects of hydrogen water, but there are some negative opinions about hydrogen water among experts. It seems that the lack of evidence is a problem.

◇ Evidence issues regarding the effects of hydrogen water

First of all, the effects of hydrogen water and hydrogen gas mentioned above on specific diseases and symptoms are currently only at the level of animal experiments and basic experiments. Therefore, there is an opinion that the theory that "hydrogen molecules inhibit harmful active oxygen ⇒ so it works for anything!" Is overstated.

In addition, there seems to be a view that even when hydrogen exerts its effect in the human body as in animal experiments, its duration is only about few minutes.

◇ Problems related to the definition of hydrogen water

The fact that there are no official rules regarding the hydrogen content and production method of commercially available hydrogen water is also a major reason why the effects are questioned. A survey of 10 brands of hydrogen water at the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan revealed that some manufacturers did not fill with hydrogen as mentioned above.

Therefore, it cannot be said that not all products can be called hydrogen water, and have beauty and health effects.



There are two kinds of products that are generally called hydrogen water: commercial products, such as pouch and bottle, and hydrogen water generator server.

The relationship between hydrogen and active oxygen is drawing attention among doctors who recommend hydrogen water. According to this idea, drinking hydrogen water seems to be able to prevent allergies, lifestyle-related diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Now, we are currently in the verification stage of animal experiments. It seems that the Consumer Affairs Center of Japan points out that the problem is that the production method and rules of hydrogen water products are not common to all and the prices are very high.

Evidence regarding the effect of hydrogen water is still being worked out, but truly there are facts that have been obtained as a result in animal experiments. Hydrogen water is not bad for you. If you want to incorporate something that seems to be good for your beauty and health, why not trying?



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