Why Japanese kitchen knives are reliable. How to choose your best knife and about best recommend classic Santoku knife.

Do you know what "Santoku knife" is? Easy to understand, we will introduce the uses, features, and usage of it. Kitchen knives have varieties of shape. Let's find the ideal one by comparing the characteristics of each.  And yes even for beginners! We also introduce many other recommended kitchen knives.  Let's have a look!


Santoku Knife is All Purpose Knife

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Santoku knife is a knife that has a blade length of about 16 to 18 cm, with sharp edges to make it easier to chop meat and fish. Gently curved blades to make it easier to cut vegetables. Therefore, it is often used as a versatile kitchen knife that can handle all kinds of ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables. So it is in other words called all-purpose-knife.

If you want a kitchen knife for the first time, or if you are looking for an all mighty knife, you definitely should get a Santoku knife.



Difference between Chef's knife and Santoku knife

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The big difference between Santoku knives and Chef's knives is the length of the blade. The general blade length of Santoku knives is about 16 to 18 cm. And that of a chef's knife is about 20 cm. Chef's knife has a long blade so that it is easy to cut large things such as chunks of meat, cabbage, and large vegetables.

But since Chef's knife has a long blade length, it is difficult to handle them for people who are not familiar with the length or in a small kitchen. Unless you are a person who makes a lot of roast beef or cooks chunks of meat, we highly recommend Santoku knives. Yes they are a lot easier to use!


Other recommended Kitchen knives

It is difficult to own many knives at home and each time choose one according to the material. In addition to Santoku knives and Chef's knives, there are other knives such as knives suitable for grabbing fish and knives with small turns. For many people the all-purpose Santoku knife will be enough, but for those who want another one in addition to the Santoku knife we would like to recommend a petty knife.

Petty Knife

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Having one petty knife is enough in addition to the Santoku knife for troubleless cooking on a daily basis Petty knives can make a smaller turn than Santoku knives, so they are convenient for cutting small items and are recommended for women or whom with small hands. Santoku knives are more convenient for cutting wide materials such as cabbage, but other than that petty knives are very useful.

Use Santoku knives for cutting large items and Petty knives for smaller items!



deba sekinomagoroku

For advanced cooks and those who want to try authentic cooking at home, instead of double-edged Santoku knives, single-edged knives such as Deba knives and Yanagi blade knives will be great to use. These are more for professional use.

If you mainly cook meat or have plenty of kitchen space, you should use a Chef's knife, and if you handle fish yourself or if you have a lot of fish dishes, you should use Deba Knife or Yanagi Knife.

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