Easy way to choose the right kitchen knife

Here we will introduce the points to keep in mind when choosing a kitchen knife. Kitchen knives have various differences such as the material of the blade and grip, the length of the blade, and the weight. Imagine before choosing what kind of knife suits your use.


Blade material features | 4 types : Stainless, Ceramic, Steel, Titanium

There are mainly 4 kinds used as kitchen knives blade's material. Stainless, ceramic, steel, and titanium. Each has both good and bad. The sharpness and durability of each material vary, so you need to consider the material of the blade when choosing a knife. Some may rust if not properly maintained, so be sure to check the ease of maintenance as well.

1. Stainless | Reasonable and easy maintenance

Stainless steel knives are well balanced in price and ease of maintenance. The sharpness varies depending on the product, high-priced ones are particularly more sharp. Some stainless steels are made mixed with different metals such as molybdenum and tungsten. These makes the knives resistant to rust and have high durability.

2. Ceramic | Light weight and easy to handle, resistant to rust

Ceramic knives are light and resistant to smells. It does not rust at all, so it has the advantage of being hygienic. In addition, there are many design variations. Ceramics are recommended for those who want to decorate the kitchen in style. The fact that there are many fashionable products is also a reason for choosing ceramics.

3. Steel | Sharp and easy to cut

The hardness and moderate weight gives steel the best sharpness. It has the characteristic that it is easy to cut without using any force. However, in another way it is easy to rust. So it must be taken by care, it will not last long if not. Compared to other materials, it tends to be a little more time-consuming, Those who feel troublesome about this should avoid steel.

4. Titanium | Super light weight and easy to clean

The biggest feature of titanium knives is that they are the lightest. It is about the half weight compared to stainless steel knife of the same size and shape. In addition, the photocatalytic effect keeps it hygienic. It does not rust easily and is very easy to clean. There is no metal-specific odor so there is no need to worry about it.


Grip(handle) | Two common types : wood and stainless steel

When choosing a knife, in addition to the material of the blade, the grip (handle) is also important. The main material of the grip will be wood or stainless steel. The shape is slightly different depending on the item. To say which one is difficult, it depends on the usability of each person. We will tell you the characteristics of each as a reference when choosing.

1. Wooden | Easy to hold and fits your hand

The wooden grip is easy to hold and fits your hand. It fits comfortably in your hand and is not slippery. You can use it for cooking safely. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage that dirt easily accumulates. It may take some time to clean.

2. Stainless steel | Easy to wash and clean

Many of the stainless steel grips are integrated with the blade, making them extremely easy to clean. In addition, the all-stainless steel looks very stylish, and even those who are particular about fashion will be satisfied with it's looks.


Blade length | 15-18 cm is the best balance

When choosing a knife, don't forget to check the length of the blade. Most Santoku knife is between 15-18 cm, which is best for everyday use at home. If you are an advanced cook and have plenty of room in the kitchen, or are using a large cutting board, you may try using a slightly longer 19-21 cm one.


Weight | Some weight gives you the best control

Weight is also an important factor of a kitchen knife. There are many opinions that it is more stable and easier to use knives that have an appropriate weight. It is recommended that you choose one that is not too light for you.


So what is the best?

So far, we have introduced the characteristics of various kitchen knives. Overall, the most recommended knife is the Sekinomagoroku series stainless knife by Kai Corporation, which is one of the best selling knives in Japan. A high-quality kitchen knife originating from the Samurai sword smith and blacksmith who moved from Kyushu to Seki (Mino) area Japan during the Kamakura ages. These knives has an excellent finish with a reasonable price.

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