Top Grade Japanese Green Tea [Tamano Shizuku] Set

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Variation: 50 pack set [Free Sea Mail Shipping]

Set Lineup

  • Top Grade Japanese Green Tea [Tamano Shizuku] 50pc set
    1,200JPY / 1pc
  • Top Grade Japanese Green Tea [Tamano Shizuku] 100pc set
    1,140JPY / 1pc
  • Top Grade Japanese Green Tea [Tamano Shizuku] 150pc set
    1,095JPY / 1pc
  • Top Grade Japanese Green Tea [Tamano Shizuku] 200pc set
    1,095JPY / 1pc

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¥60,000 ¥75,000

MSRP (Japan):1500 JPY / pc

This is a top-class Japanese green tea (sencha) made from the young shoots tea leaves of the year. The yield is limited because the young shoots are so small and carries a lot of water. This top-class green tea has a deep taste and an elegant aroma that can only be experienced from the young spring shoots. Very special tea of Onodaen brand.

Product Information

Packing Carton Size W335mm×D250mm×H186mm
Packing Carton Weight 5.9kg
Individual Size W110mm×D8mm×H230mm
Individual Weight 108g
Ingredients Tea
Manufacturer Onoda En
Country of Production Japan

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