40 billion yen Capsule Toy market! Over 250 kinds are released every month! Gacha-Gacha, known as capsule toy

The Capsule Toy industry has grown into a business market of about 40 billion yen. There used to be some big movements in Japan. “Kinkeshi Eraser”, “Gundam Eraser”, and now "Demon Slayer" and "Dragon Ball" are the most popular.

Throw in a 100-yen coin and turn the dial. And wish that item you want will come out...

Capsule Toy is where you can get various toys with excitement. They are mostly blind-boxed and exclusive for Japanese market. First it became popular among children in Japan and is now going crazy between the adults. What attracts all of us is that the capsule toy is blind-boxed. It gives you the excitement to try your luck. 

Such a capsule toy industry is actually a large business market of about 40 billion yen, and it is growing more. And the market has undergone remarkable evolution. For example, some of the products are larger than a human fist and have quality and perfection comparable to that of a solid plastic model kit. And yes, even these have been sold in capsules. Furthermore, in recent years, even vending machines that support cashless payment have appeared.


Some products are now over 500 yen! Capsule Toys are being upgraded to high-quality.

Therefore, there were many 100-yen products, but now the price is increasing. This is because consumers want more high quality products. The ones with multi colors are becoming more popular than the ones with simple colors, like the old "Kinnikuman" eraser. The production cost has increased for that reason, so the prices are rising year by year. This means that consumers took the quality rather than price.

As a result, the number of products for 200 yen has increased, and now products for 300 to 500 yen have become the mainstream. The average age of the consumers are getting older, and now people in their 40s are buying the most often. Not only anime figures but also realistic figures are catching adult's hearts.


Capsule Toys in the Global & Social Media Era

Recently, the number of capsule toys that are the miniature version of the actual product is increasing. The reason for this is that many people buy them as accessories to take photos together with their favorite figures. And they turn to post them on social media. This way to enjoy together with the figures has become quite popular. And surprisingly for the production, manufacturers post the product ideas on the social media to check the response between the fans and produce the ones that had a good response.


Capsule Toys are now aiming for worldwide market

When you visit Japan and on your way home, there you will see a very popular capsule toy vending machine at the airport. There you can see the tourists enjoying with the leftover coins during their stay in Japan. Now the popularity is widespread all over the world. Some manufacturers are expanding to the oversea market. Japanese anime characters are popular in many areas. There are so many Japanese exclusive series.

About the Capsule toy industry where 250 kinds of new products are released every month, there is one fact that you must know. It is basically never reproduced. You may never be able to buy the product you are looking for. The item you are interested in when you find it, it is the timing for you to buy it.

It's over when it's sold out!

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