Smart Toilet - Asahi Eito DLNC130

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Variation: 1pc set - DLNC130

Set Lineup

  • Smart Toilet - Asahi Eito DLNC130 1pc set
  • Smart Toilet - Asahi Eito DLNC130 2pc set

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Smart Toilet Features

Multiple Spray Fuctions

Clean & Confortable Washing Experience

Posterior Wash

Posterior Wash

Posterior Wash is for His/Her Back.

Posterior Wash

Bidet Wash

Bidet Wash is a gentler,
wider wash for her front.

Posterior Wash

Wide Range

Nozzle rhythmicaly moves back & forth to wash wide range

Posterior Wash

Double Nozzle keeps all clean

Individual nozzle for posterior & bidet use.

Automatic Deodorizer

Removes odors after using the toilet.

Posterior Wash


The odor is removed by the catalytic deodorization function.
Deodorizing function is activated during use and after standing up.

Evergy Saving Function

Power saving mode saves energy

When set to power saving mode, it keeps the warm temperature of the seat. And also reduces the power consumption when using the toilet.

Normal Adjust the temperature to the request setting
Power Saving Keeps the temperature of 35℃

Save more power by using a timer.

The temperature of the heated seat and warm water will be off for 8 hours when the timer is set. This power saving function is ideal when you do not use the toilet for a long time, such as when you go out from your home or sleeping.

Other Useful Functions

Posterior Wash

Soft Closing

The seat lid closes slowly with almost no sound.

Posterior Wash

Self Cleaning

The nozzle is automatically cleaned before and after use. Keep it clean at all times.

Detachable Lid

The lid is detachable. It can be easily washed.

Main unit slides

The main unit slides and can be easily detached. You can easily clean.

Posterior Wash

Posterior Wash

[Please check before installation]

(1) Toilet bowl

Please check the measurements as shown in the drawings

■Required dimensions
All (A)~(F) is required for fitting.
(A) 140mm
(B) over 45mm
(C) over 440mm
(D) over 320mm
(E) over 300mm
(F) over 280mm

(2) Water pipes

Please check the water pressure. Suggested Pressure is between 0.069MPa ~ 0.735MPa (0.7kgf/cm3 ~ 7.5kgf/cm3)

(3) Water stopcock

Please check if your toilet has water stopcock. In case no, you need to install it before use.

(4) Ground terminal

Please check if your outlet has a ground terminal. In case no, we highly recommend to install it before use.

Product Information


Product number DLNC130
Supported toilet type Round / Elongated
Style Warm water storage type
Energy efficiency guideline Achieved energy saving standards 2012
Water supply method Directly connected to the water supply
Water pressure range 0.69MPa~0.735MPa
Material PP (main unit, seat, seat lid, water tank)
Product weight 4.4kg
Rated voltage AC100V(50/60Hz) *Usage of transformer which is compatible with your country is highly recommended.
Energy saving Rated power consumption 560W
Achievement rate 107%
Annual power consumption 171(237)kWh
Power saving timer 8 hours
Power saving mode
Spray function Heater power consumption 500W
Tank Capacity 0.83L
Washing Capacity (posterior) 1liter per min(Max)
Washing Capacity (bidet) 1liter per min(Max)
Maximum spray time 2min
Number of nozzle 2 (double nozzle type)
Water temperature adjustment 4 level (off, 35C, 38C, 40C)
Water pressure adjustment 5 level
Safety function Dry-heating prevention Thermostat, Thermal fuse
Seat function Heater power consumption 55W
Temperature adjustment 4 level (off, 35C, 37C, 39C)
Safety function Thermal fuse
Deodorizer function Deodorant Catalytic deodorization
Operation control Micro computer management
Other function Main unit detach Slide type
Seat lid detach
Seat sensor
Accessories Instruction manual, base plate, bolts, hose(1m), metal branch

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