Pokemon Pinball 2

Save ¥4,800

Variation: 40pc assort pack

Product Detail

  • 40 piece pack
  • 5kinds - 8pc each

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¥7,200 ¥12,000

MSRP (Japan):300 JPY / piece

Pokemon Pinball 2

A mini-sized pinball game designed with everyone's favorite Pokemon. Play pinball with the lever and the button on the side.

Unit size : about 5.7cm

[5 Kinds]
・Pikachu & Yamper
・Grookey & Scorbunny & Sobble
・Pinsir & Scyther
・Dragonite & Dewgong & Gengar
・Pelipper & Meowth & Wobbuffe

8pc of each, total 40pc pack

Each comes in a capsule.
1 POP information sheet included.

Product Information

Packing Carton Weight 2.5kg
Material PS, PP, PE
Country of Production Vietnam

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